Zoono Application Services

Lothian cleaning services is working in conjunction with Lochallen Soloutions, an authorised distributor of the Zoono product, for cleaning companies in Scotland.


Doing so means Lothian Cleaning Services is a trusted and approved applicator of the Zoono product range. Since the COVID-19 outbreak there has been a rise in unqualified companies with little to no industry experience claiming to be experts. Lothian Cleaning Services has over ten years industry experience, are fully insured to carry out fogging services and are a corporate member of BICS '' British Institute Of Cleaning Science. So don't worry your in safe hands!

The improper application of Zoono can create hot spots in premises, these areas are surfaces that still pose a risk of contamination, so don't take the risk! 

How Does Zoono Work?

Zoono uses a unique advance technology, exclusive to Zoono.

Zoono can be applied by a mist in the form of fogging, spray or foam such as hand sanitiser.


Once dry, Zoono resembles a layer of microscopic pins and acts as a shield, that attract, pierce and kill pathogens – the same principle as a pin popping a balloon and in the same manner that the burst balloon cannot be reformed, neither can the pathogens.


This means no resistance and no superbugs! Unlike traditional sanitisers that kill bacteria by poison or high alcohol content, Zoono is a food safe, water-based surface sanitiser, applied as a mist then allowed to dry.

Once the Zoono treatment is applied correctly and allowed to dry this barrier will last for 30 days! This means that process wont have to be repeated until the following month. 

The Zoono hand sanitiser works with the same principal, once applied to skin the barrier will last for 24 hours. 

How Often Should Zoono Be Applied?

Is Zoono Suitable For My Business?

Yes! Zoono can be used in any environment where germs are present. Zoono is being used in a number of industries such as public transport, the health sector, breweries and distillieries, offices and basically any other form of building or premises. 

Using fogging as a method of application there is no need to worry about risk of damage to technology such as keyboards or computers. The mist expelled from our fogging equipment is delivered at 20 microns meaning as it touches surfaces drys almost instantly. 

Our Services

Lothian cleaning can provide:


  • zoono application via fogging every month. 

  • Regular cleaning of touch points 

  •  Provide Zoono hand sanitiser dispensers for your premises & regular refilling as and when required. Ideal for customers and staff upon entry 

  • Provide proof of Zoono treatment which can displayed for customers

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