Commercial Window Cleaning 

Reach and wash system 

Our window cleaners use reach and wash technology to provide businesses in Edinburgh with a streak free, squeeky clean shine all year round. 

What is reach and wash cleaning?

Reach and wash cleaning utilises an extendable pole, which is locked into place once the desired height is achieved. Our pole can go as high as 60ft! and uses filtrated deionised water 

De-ionised Water

The water used in our reach and wash system is deionised, by filtering it through a chamber of resin to remove all minerals and impurities.

By doing this the water your left with is almost purely hydrogen and oxygen! 

From a cleaning standpoint this is great news! The water now acts almost like a sponge, desperate to replace the minerals and compounds lost it begins extracting them from the dirt and grime, breaking it down in the process and leaving you with sparkling windows!

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