Canopy&Duct Cleaning 

The Introduction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, has made it legal requirement for all buildings to have a fire safety assessment undertaken. To comply with the legislation any identified fire hazards must be minimised, controlled or removed where possible. 

Since 2006, It has been law that supply and extract systems to food preparation areas must be cleaned in all European countries.

Buildings which have restaurants/kitchens or canteens will have a grease extract ductwork system, which takes grease laden air from the cooking area and vents it out. 

Grease extract ductwork systems are deemed by fire services and the insurance industry to be one of the highest risks of fires in any commercial building, If not cleaned properly. 

Grease can build in a system over a period of time and create a hidden combustion risk. Under certain circumstances such as a flame or high temperatures, the duct can ignite the grease and cause a fire, which can spread rapidly. Flames and the heat from within the duct can ignite surrounding materials and transfer fire in ways which are hard to predict and control by firefighters. 

If you haven't had your ductwork checked, don't take the risk. We have seen first hand the impact negligence can have, not only from a safety stand point but from a financial standpoint.

How We Can Help!

  • Full Asessment of your canopies and ductwork 

  • Fit access panels to make cleaning easier in the future and get to difficult to reach areas

  • Full clean of Ductwork, Canopies, Extraction fans 

  • Provide you with documention and pictures for insurance purposes. Showing that you comply with TR19

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