Zoono Fogging 

what is electrostatic fogging?

Electrostatic fogging is the most effective way of ensuring whole room decontamination from harmful viruses and bacteria. Our specialised equipment supersaturates the atmosphere with a disinfectant fog, killing airborne germs. As the disinfectant begins to settle it then sticks to all surfaces and anything which it comes in to contact with. This is achieved through a negative charge being emitted as the fog is released. All chemicals we use are environmentally friendly and non toxic. 

Benefits of fogging 

•    Cost effective- electrostatic fogging reduces the amount of manpower necessary. The same amount of disinfecting carried out by hand would take up to 5 times longer! Meaning a reduced cost 

•    Evenly coats surface areas- our electrostatic fogging reduces the chemical particle size to 5 microns, meaning no area is too difficult to reach

•    Continuous- Due to the negative charge emitted molecules stick to the targeted areas causing continuous disinfecting for hours after exposure, meaning no survival chance for viruses or bacteria

•    Our chemicals are environmentally friendly and non-toxic allowing peace of mind for our customers

•    Quick- Our chemicals kill bacteria in under 3 minutes and viruses such as COVID-19 in under 2 minutes 

•    No damage to electrical appliances- due to the mist being expelled at such a low volume there is no need to worry about water damage or damage to electrical equipment when cleaning is conducted

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